Our designers bring technical expertise from years of experience in the high end audio sector, which guarantees a level of attention to sound quality that is largely absent in the professional category.

The design of each diffuser is optimizedspecifically for the transducer (speaker unit) to which it is connected. The exceptional properties provided by the horn diffusers in sensibility and efficiency allow for sound emission at the highest strength without any perceptible distortion.



The professional level components used in our products are designed and built entirely in Italy by firms that are worldwide leaders in quality and durability.

We are building and growing based on this regional industries that is well know at the highest levels of this field. Our “no compromises” philosophy has led us to seek out the best.


Very high power output without perceptible distortion

The high sensitivity that distinguishes our speakers, using the single horns coupled with transducers in specific ranges, allows high dynamic combined with high SPL with very low levels of distortion. This leads to high emission powers without causing alteration of the timbral sound characteristic or dynamic compression.

The quality of the audio signal reproduced remains unaltered even though it greatly increases the power output.





 After years in development, our speaker system are finally finding applications outside the controlled environment of our testing facilities. Results have exceeded our expectations, and we can say with confidence that we offer something not quite like anything else on the market. The visual effect of our horns, combined with the phenomenal sound and interesting pricing can bring something special to an event or facility. Our technology expresses new levels of audio perfection in the world ofprofessional clubbing and point source audio.



Our systems express new levels of audio quality in the world of professional sound reproduction, clubbing and point source,defining as Hi-Pro a new field in professional audio. Quality levels are difficult to find in the professional audio field and innovative projects, all guaranteed y the long experience in the Hi-End audio sector of our designers.



High power

Extreme sensibility

Extreme clarity and detail

Unbeatable listening Dynamics

Very high ratio between SPL sound pressure level and system weight (dB/KG)

Very low ratio between the economic cost and the SPL sound pressure level (€/dB)

Heavy duty , high resistance to scratches and bumps 

Built with high-strength composite materials and stiffness

Easy to access repair interventions

Technologically Advanced


Fashion design

Ultra lightness for easy transport

Simple installation to support and suspended

Custom technical support

Project, production, assembly and components all Made in Italy


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