2 Horns for high frequencies

2 Horns for midrange frequencies

2 Horns for medium low frequencies

4 (or multiples of two) subwoofers (sold separately)



Professional HI-PRO four channel audio system with horn loaded speaker technology, designed toseamlessly integrate with dedicated transducers, built from high resistance composite materials for elevated sensitivity, dynamics and definition. Wide angle coverage of a highly controlled sound field, and the ability to reach levels at the limits of human tolerance without perceptible distortion.


The higher channels are composed of three full frontal horns, two having a circular section for the mid and mid-low frequencies and one with a different shape optimized for the highest frequencies.

The system is characterized by extraordinary sound quality and is able to reach elevated sonic pressures.


Thank to its elevated sensibility, the system requires limited amplification power, and permits an extreme simplification of the line of inputs for playback.

Components such as the speakers, woofers and compression drivers all represent world class quality, without commercial or technological compromises.


Low frequencies:

Large horn (112 cm diameter) with 8" woofer. 

Round horn full frontal, equipped with 8” woofer; continuous power handling 400 W; sensitivity (coupled to the horn)  105 dB 1W/1m; nominal impedance 8 Ohm; Recommended frequency band 130-400 Hz.


Medium frequencies:

Round horn full frontal, equipped with2'' compression driver; continuous power handling 160 W; sensitivity (coupled to the horn) 110 dB 1W/1m; nominal impedance 8 Ohm; Recommended frequency band 400 Hz / 2 KHz, 60° dispersion.


High frequencies:

Horn of particular profile, equipped with a 1'' compression driver; continuous power handling 120 W; sensitivity (coupled to the horn) 109 dB 1W/1m; nominal impedance 8 Ohm; Recommended frequency band 2 KHz / 18 KHz, dispersion V25° x H 65°.


Total sensitivity with passive filter is105 dB 1W/1m.

Continuous power handling with passive filter 800 W 4 Ohm stable.

Shockwave 2.1 datasheet
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