Last born in the Pequod Acoustics family, he is preparing to challenge the other models of the most famous brands clubbing monitors, in the top section of the high power and quality range.


6.1 Kona Storm Monitor

Is composed of two main parts: Ovoidal 5.1 is a long excursion 18” bass reflex subwoofer , and a headboard named Kona Storm 6.1 made by an high speed and high sensibility Cone Woofer 12” connected with  two compression Driver, one dedicated to the medium range frequency, that give definition and truthfulness to the vocal range, and one for the high range frequency, extremely clear and defined. The shape with the emission centers close to each other and designed like a passive crossover no compromise, made the sound front compact and extremely  focused that made a realistic tridimensional reconstruction of the sound and a binaural sensation also in the case of a close listening (minimum 135 cm). 


The all monitor system is characterized by the impressive dynamic response of the transient.  It is possible to manage the three transducers of the Kona Storm 6.1 through the passive crossover by a single amplification channel.  Otherwise is possible to switch off the 12” woofer to made a 2 active lines speaker. The head easily supports in power the presence of two 18 "5.1 ovoidal subwoofers for each channel, obtaining performances at very high sound pressure.



Headboard Kona Storm 6.1: Low mid 12”, range 130-500 Hz, sensitivity 100 dB 1W/1m, continuous power handling 800 W, nominal impedance 8 Ohm. Mid compression driver 2” throat, range 0.5-4.2 KHz, sensitivity 108 dB 1W/1m, continuous power handling 160 W, nominal impedance 8 Ohm. Hf compression driver 1” throat, range 42-18 KHz, sensitivity 108 dB 1W/1m, continuous power handling 140 W, nominalimpedance 8 ohm. Total response headboard: 1.3-18 KHz +/- 2 dB. Nominal impedance 4 Ohm. Recommended amplification channel 1000 W / 2 Ohm stable. Subwoofer Ovoidal 5.1 (4 Ohm version): woofer 18”, range 30-130Hz, sensitivity 97 dB 1W/1m, continuous power handling 3400 W / 4 Ohm, 60 mm peak to peak mechanical excursion, nominalimpedance 4 Ohm. Recommended amplification channel 3500 W / 4 Ohm stable.

Kona Storm 6.1 datasheet
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