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Hydra is a horn-loaded subwoofer characterized by the development of the circular sections and its length that guarantee the perfect loading of low frequencies in sensitivity, depth, control and SPL expressed by the usage of few watt.
The most common subwoofers on the market (wooden box) are horn loaded speakers with several internal turns, sections not optimal and reduced develop length. Therefore leading to lower sensitivity,several reflections that creates distortions, ripples and loading not optimized.

Thereby involving:
• They need for corrections by DSP
• Mechanical stress caused by the excursion of the transducer that creates more distortions
• A huge amount of power needed by the amplifier to obtain SPL.
Hydra starts from 110dB 1W/1m in continuous power by 3400 W, reaching peaks of 145 dB, using a single hi-quality transducer of 18 “, all of this with a quality and a perception of the bass frequencies deep and controlled, with a reduced excursion of the 18” transducer that decrease distortions and mechanical stress. The structure is rigid, very light (considering the whole weight and the rate dB/Kg) and scenic.
The Scorpion DP version is compact compared to the SP version, without loosing performance.


  Pequod Hydra SP    
Height 4000 mm    
Width 1420 mm    
Depth 1560 mm    
Power handling 1700 W AES    
Transducers 1x18"    
Weight 70 Kg (35kg/piece x 2)    
dB/Kg with 1W 1,57 dB/Kg    
Sensitivity 110 (113*) db/1w-m    
Power ratio 1024 W RMS = 140dB    



7.1 Hydra SP single-fold 1x18"8.1 Hydra DP double-fold Scorpio's tail, 1x18"


To be announced:

9.1 Suprahydra DP double-fold Scorpio's tail, with double 18"

10.1 Suprahydra SP single-fold  with double 18"


Technical data:

7.1 Hydra SP single-fold 1x18” :

Frequency response: 28-130 Hz (-3 dB).

Sensitivity: 110 dB 1W/1m.

Power: continuous program power handling 3400 W (8 Ohm version), 3000 W (4 Ohm version)*.

Dimensions: height, diameter (350 cm / 130 cm version SP,  250 cm / 130 cm version DP).

Weight: 60kg in the mounted version (40 kg + 20 Kg disassembled).


9.1 Suprahydra SP, single-fold with double 18”:

Power: continuous program power handling 6800 W (4 Ohm version).*

Dimensions: height / diameter (350 cm / 130 cm version SP, 250 cm / 130 cm version DP).


Weight: 75 kg in the mounted version (40 kg + 35 Kg disassembled).


*continuous program power handling, is the recomended amplifier power to exploit fully the transducer without any clipping in the amplifier.

Hydra SP 7.1 datasheet
Documento Adobe Acrobat 9.0 MB

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