Hydra SP 7.1 horn-loaded subwoofer with a circular cross section horn, is characterized by extreme sensitivity, dynamics and emission power, made with an incredibly rigid and light structure in durable composite materials.

Unlike all other alternatives currently available, this low frequency loudspeaker has been realized without technical and dimensional compromises, being fully developed both in terms of length and radiating surface. This it achieves maximum acoustic performance combined with an elegant design and personality, always keeping dynamics and control front and center.

Nearly scratch proof surfaces and resistance to atmospheric agents combined with extremely high efficiency and world class sensitivity allow the Hydra to perform favorably compared with any product from the main competing brands.



7.1 Hydra SP single-fold 1x18"


To be announced:

8.1 Hydra DP double-fold Scorpio's tail, 1x18"

8.1 Suprahydra DP double-fold Scorpio's tail, with double 18"

9.1 Suprahydra SP single-fold  with double 18"


Technical data:

7.1 Hydra SP single-fold 1x18” :

Frequency response: 28-130 Hz (-3 dB).

Sensitivity: 110 dB 1W/1m.

Power: continuous program power handling 3400 W (8 Ohm version), 3000 W (4 Ohm version)*.

Dimensions: height, diameter (350 cm / 130 cm version SP,  250 cm / 130 cm version DP).

Weight: 60kg in the mounted version (40 kg + 20 Kg disassembled).


9.1 Suprahydra SP, single-fold with double 18”:

Power: continuous program power handling 6800 W (4 Ohm version).*

Dimensions: height / diameter (350 cm / 130 cm version SP, 250 cm / 130 cm version DP).


Weight: 75 kg in the mounted version (40 kg + 35 Kg disassembled).



*continuous program power handling, is the recomended amplifier power to exploit fully the transducer without any clipping in the amplifier.

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