The Twister was created to meet the needs of professionals to have a small size speaker and great assembly speed, without sacrificing quality and good sound pressure.


A tripod with the usual rod in which the two basic components are inserted, with predisposed housings, has successfully responded to these requirements; all without sacrificing, as often happens, the area of the lower middle.


In the project of the horizontal single module for mid and tweeter trumpet, we also wanted to consider the easy assembly on the so-called trusses for outdoor installations, and near the upper part of the walls, up to the corner with the ceiling, of an internal room.

Pragmatism, however, did not go to the detriment of sound quality; indeed, on the technical level,

excellent results have been achieved at the offset level.

Low frequencies:

Ovoidal 4.1 (4 Ohm version) woofer 15" loaded in bass reflex in a separate and ovoid structure.

TWP Waterproof on both sides; continuous power handling (+ 3 dB of nominal) 2000 W; sensitivity 96 dB 1W/1m; nominal impedance 8 Ohm;

Recommended frequency band 35 Hz / 400 Hz.

If the environment or the music reproduced requires more power or extension in the low range we recommend adding a sub-woofer of our series, characterized by its ovoid shape, with a 18" speaker.


Medium frequencies:

Round horn full frontal, equipped with2'' compression driver; continuous power handling 160 W; sensitivity (coupled to the horn) 110 dB 1W/1m; nominal impedance 8 Ohm; Recommended frequency band 400 Hz / 2 KHz, 60° dispersion.


High frequencies:

Horn of particular profile, equipped with a 1'' compression driver; continuous power handling 120 W; sensitivity (coupled to the horn) 109 dB 1W/1m; nominal impedance 8 Ohm;

Recommended frequency band 2 KHz/ 18 KHz, dispersion V25° x H 65°.



The passive crossover is used in a two-ways configuration to couple only the medium and high-frequency horn, which will be managed by a single amplifier.

The other two routes (subwoofer and Ovoidal 4.1 15" medium bass) are driven by another two separate finals managed by a three-ways electronic crossover, with recommended crossover frequencies of 100 Hz and 400 Hz (24 dB/oct).

EF5 Twister 3.1 datasheet
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