Technical Design



Our designers bring technical expertise from years of experience in the high end audio sector, which guarantees a level of attention to sound quality that is largely absent in the professional category.



The design of each diffuser is integrated and developed specifically for the transducer (speaker unit) to which it is connected, allowing for a complete optimization of the whole array.






The professional level electro-acoustic components used in our products are designed and built in Italy by firms that are worldwide leaders in qualty and durability. We are building on this regional industrial heritage that is well known at the highlest levels of this field.






Exceptional Quality



The exceptional properties provided by the horn diffusers in sensibility and efficiency allow for sound emission at the highest strength without any perceptible distortion, for an unmatched listening experience.






Pequod Acoustics also offers the ability to completely customize your order, designing custom equiprment and arrays for the most discerning clients. Provided with the details of your situation, we can create a system to meet and exceed your highest expectations.


A to Z Services


Pequod Acoustics is also capable, should the opportunity present itself, to assist clients in the design and construction of the containing spaces and structures, such as clubs, discotheques, etc. From the architectural and structural design to the mechanical systems, we can ensure that any structure is maximized for audio reproduction.


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